Winter Korean long curly hair recommended sweet? Personality you choose

Days bring you the latest 12 long curly hair styles, some styles are sweet, some styles are stylish, choose one you like, in this cold winter, let your long hair be different from the public!


The side of the long bangs boiled out of the spiral, and the face was modified to show a playful and lovely temperament. Brown long curly hair swings over the shoulders and is feminine.

Qi Liuhai has always been the favorite of Mengmeizi, with delicate big waves and long curly hair, which has perfected the side face and the temperament index soared.
The long brown and long curly hair is beautiful and eye-catching. The light bangs are simple and simple, with the hair bundles on both sides.
In the middle of the bangs, the perfect goose egg face is decorated. The tail is slightly buckled to create a sweet and elegant goddess temperament.
MM with less hair extensions uk volume can try this fluffy hair design, the rich and fluffy perm design is warm and stylish, and the effect of the face is also very good.

Long curly hair swings along the shoulders to create a perfect neck line, and the brownish-yellow hair color is warm and sweet.
This gray long curly hair is light and delicate, and it is even more beautiful with the bright white skin.
Personality girls like to dye the hair with a gradient. The restrained brownish yellow with the beautiful wine red, collided with the autumn fashion sense.

The reddish-brown long curly hair is sweet and warm, and the side of the long bangs swings down the corners of the eyes to modify the facial lines, and the fleshy face is more lovely.

The side of the long bangs swings along the eyebrows, covering the position of the wide cheekbones, and the rich long curly hair swings over the shoulders, and the warmth is full.

The long, brown-yellow hairs set off a white, translucent complexion, and gently wrap the face for a radiant finish. The bangs fixed with a bow hairpin are more lovely.

The waist and long hair are beautiful and touching, with the corn hot hair design, the light bangs add silk and beautiful, let you be beautiful in the winter.


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