Winter beauty curls wig recommended

If a hairstyle can be used for both facial and age-reducing effects, it is the best hairstyle! Today, we will bring you the most beautiful face-lifting wig hairstyle recommendation for 2014, to satisfy your girl’s heart!

Autumn and winter, long curly hair wigs, coupled with a knitted hat, add a sense of fashion.


The long-volume wig, the oblique bangs obviously played the face-lifting effect, and the curls on the cheeks were placed on the shoulders, which was very elegant.


The corn that has been popular for the past two years is hot, the cheeks are thick and heavy, and the face is repaired, super sweet!


Bobo head short wig, oblique bangs, cheeks fluffy buckle inside the tail, the face is very good!


Qi Liu Hai is sweet, the hair ends in the cheeks, and the natural hair is rolled over his shoulders.

Handsome burgundy wig, slanting bangs set off very nice, cheeks and tails in the cheeks, the layering is distinct.



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